The way that patients feel about our work means a lot to all of us at Advanced Dentistry. Dr. Ramezani works very hard to make sure every patient is treated with respect, care, and compassion.

Doctor Ramezani and her staff go above and beyond to provide a professional, friendly and relaxing environment to be in for Dental work. Doctor Ramezani's calm gentle and caring manner puts even the most scared patient (me) at ease. The only time I ever went to a Dentist was to get a tooth out or have major work done, but with Doctor R. I am a regular six month patient!!!

Susan N.

I had tooth pain so I called Advanced Dentistry referred to me by a coworker. The front office was so accommodating, and then the dentist stayed late through the evening on a Saturday to fix my broken tooth. The best part was that for the first time ever I didn't have to get sedated or even use laughing gas because Dr. Ramezani was so gentle and efficient. I've taken my phobic husband there and my two little kids.

Anne K.

Dr. Ramezani and her staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. It's amazing how they remember symptoms I've had, or personal stories I've told without referencing anything! I've had an extremely positive experience with Dr. Ramezani even though I have somewhat of an apprehension about going to the dentist. I would highly recommend this practice!

Tamara T.

I'm not a fan of seeing the dentist, but Dr. Ramezani and her staff provide an extremely comfortable atmosphere! What I appreciate most about Dr. Ramezani is her professionalism; she gives >100% dedication to her patients. Also, she tells it like it is without the sales pitch!


Charlene W.